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All about the newly born Reneesme

One-year-old Ava Mayeux Jolie is not just a Louisiana girl.
She has been a vampire baby in sight of millions of people around the world.
Ava was hired to appear as an extra in the blockbuster, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”, which was partly filmed in Baton Rouge in 2010.

But Ava was not extra ordinary.
In the film the main character Bella Swan, played by actress Kristen Stewart, becomes pregnant after marrying her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen, played by actor Robert Pattinson.
After giving birth to the baby, there’s a scene near the end of the film with Rosalie, played by actress Nikki Reed, who holds the baby.
Where you had a great first plane Ava

Or at least, as her mother Christina James said, his great plan “You can definitely see that she is in the scene,” said James.

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Want to know what Mackenzie did with the money of “Curses bottle”?

 Are you tired of hearing the story that Mackenzie earned a few dollars every time a cast member spoke a word juggling on the set? Well, what did with the money that filled her flask of curses? Buy clothes or shoes? Did she bought a barbie doll or a stuffed Robward?

Not so! Our cute little Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn took all the money received by the votes of the curses and made a donation to St. Judes Children’s Hospital!

Wow, what a beautiful girl, right?  

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Robert Pattinson New interview with the magazine ‘Capricho’ (Brazil)
In the new edition of the Brazilian magazine Capricho, including a new interview with Robert made in Los Angeles while promoting Breaking Dawn Part 1, just interviews during the conference at the Four Seasons. It’s pretty good, and also reveals one of the scenes of BD2 with Renesmee … :)


Robert Pattinson arrived at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is very like himself. Beard, jeans, a white shirt and a hat backwards. Before we started the interview, passed me carrying a dog bed and leaving her in a room off the lobby, where it was Bear. If Rob’s dog is always united in their business issues, since he took his master, during the filming of Breaking Dawn.

English actor turned even laughing and not caring who was there watching everything. Rob is exactly the same way: a simple boy who makes sure to always be himself. In four years of the Twilight saga, the most famous actor in Hollywood has never let success go to his head. He was never involved in scandals and does not like talking about his personal life - including his relationship with Kristen almost unnoticed The secret of Rob? Have your family and your “few true friends” always around. A FAD this exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson also talked about what he felt while filming Breaking Dawn: said amendment was only during the wedding scene when he saw Kristen walk down the aisle toward him, and he was terrified by bear a real baby. Ah! Realize the lovely way in which he talks about his girlfriend.

It was great to see you speaking Portuguese …
I wonder what fans thought of me. I think it all wrong … Honestly, I was just repeating the words that people said. [Laughs]

How did you feel when you saw Kristen wearing the wedding dress?
It was fantastic. For me it was an easy scene. I had to hide, like Kristen, because the dress. She was very stressed, sitting inside the house, waiting for the paparazzi helicopters were. It was great, until I saw walking in my direction. When I saw her expression of horror, I realized that was my scene, I was going to do something. [Laughs] It was time to go crazy. But it was a beautiful scene.

And the sex scene? Was it difficult to film?
No. That was easy! [Laughs]. The hardest thing was that, in normal movies, when you’re doing a sex scene, people do not press too much because the director did not want to intervene and suggest how I would do it. [Laughs] But in Breaking Dawn, was different. There was much anticipation. How to make everyone happy I was waiting for this moment?

Do you think you did well?
I think all the credit should go to the director, Bill Condon. Because there were many ways to shoot a good sex scene with a PG-13 rating. You can not reveal too much. It can not be “complete”, with everyone naked. [Laughs]

Was there anything that made ​​your life easier during this time?
In fact, nothing makes things less strange. [Laughs] There were three men to break the bed. Trying to do a sex scene and had a great uncle lying on the floor, looking at me and telling me what to do.

What was your attitude to Kristen?
He was concerned to protect her because, you know, in that situation, everything is more complicated. But in the end, she was more comfortable with her ​​body than I was with mine. [Laughs]

Are you ashamed of taking your shirt?
[Laughs] I tried not to let the sheets to cover us during the breaks between scenes. But it was more for me than for Kristen [laughs]. Have to be judge by how it appears is awful. I’ve been avoiding for the entire series.

Did you get in shape for filming those scenes?
Yes, but, as soon as I shot and did not need to be shirtless, I stopped exercising. [Laughs]

The birth scene is very dramatic. What was it like filming that?
I read the script and did not understand. It looked like a scene from Twilight. See Bella almost dead and having to make a cesarean with my wedding. I thought, “How are we going to shoot that?”

What about Kristen? Was good about that?
He is very committed to the role and was actually involved in the story of Bella. She was very intense in this scene, do not know, I think he did show emotion in me. For the first time during the series, was nervous. There was no other way to film that. It’s a scary scene.

Taylor Lautner said that Kristen was very sexy as a vampire. Is it true?
[Laughs] Of course, a sexy goddess. She was spectacular. It was funny because Bella is the girl who always bumps into things, and then becomes the elegant woman, a queen vampire. Kristen had the best change in the plot!

Does the movie made ​​you think of what kind of father would you be?
I never really thought about it, but during the latter part of the film, we were filming with babies of two to three weeks, and was terrified. You have no idea what they are pequelos. [Laughs]. He was dead of fear of harm.

Want to be a young parent?
I think that would be great because I have many friends. [Laughs] Sorry, I have a little brother, my idea is somewhat immature children. [Laughs]

How would you define love?
Wow. [Laughs] I think that has to be with someone and let that person be herself. Everyone has to live their own lives, but with the support of another person. And you need to be able to do whatever you want. This is one of those definitions of a couple in love, because love covers many other things.

Have you become friends Kris, Tay and you?
We have been together for this moment in our careers. It’s great to be among people who have been there. It’s easier to keep under control your ego and your sanity. As if any of us judge the other that he or she had changed. And the fact that we remain friends, after five films, is incredible. We were lucky.

How would you describe Kristen?
She’s great. Okay, that was horrible [laughs] It’s ambitious. I like that obsesiba determination which is being herself. She is amazing. You take the things he says too seriously, more or less the opposite of me. [Laughs]

What have you learned in those four years in Twilight?
The importance of keeping our feet on the ground. Since I became an actor, I’ve seen people with a bit of fame, he has lost. But most people I’ve worked in Twilight did not, like Harry Potter actors. Having my family and true friends around me has helped me tremendously. That makes a difference in life.

Four years ago, you were impressed with fame. What has changed?
All. It’s strange being the target all the time. You feel powerful and think you can do any things you want. Want to keep reminding your original dreams because all that it gets confusing and distorted when you have millions of people telling you what you want to do. Feel you are being judge, no matter what you do. I still believe in what used to believe.

Do you renounce to become a musician?
I stopped doing concerts because who will want to see me famous person. It’s great to play for people who just want to have fun and do not care who I am.

But you’re still making music?
Yes I have made ​​millions of songs. [Laughs] I play guitar, piano and cello.

Play piano in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, right?
Renesmee taught how to play the piano. It’s great. Folman the scene with a girl of four years he played better than me. [Laughs]

At 25, what do you want from life?
I do not know, you become an adult? I still feel like I have 12 years. I hope to grow. [Laughs]

Source: RPLife

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!! We love you & thanks for playing our lovely Reneesme,

The Forever Saga Team & The Fans

BuzzSugar: How to dress as Pregnant Bella for Halloween

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  • How to act: Protective of your belly, but weak and pretty freaked out.